Eternity Range
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Wine Glass (ET001-)
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Champagne Flute (ET002-)
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Toasting Flute (ET003-)
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Vase Louise (ET004-)
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Aqua Marine
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Amethyst Crystal 2.jpg - 29293 Bytes
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Night Burner (ET005-)

Paul McLaughlin, the Managing Director of Star Glass Ltd, has personally designed this stunning collection of glasses.

Each glass has been individually created. They are all mouth blown; various coloured crystals have been manually attached to the glasses using a specialised glue.

Each style has been designed to bring a different mood and elegance to any table or occasion. The effects of the light passing through the crystals are visually stunning and beautiful.

Make every moment special having your celebration drink from one of these exquisite glasses.

Colour Code Description Min Order
ET001-AQ Eternity Wine Glass 6
ET002-AQ Eternity Champagne Flute 6
ET003-AQ Eternity Toasting Flute 6
ET004-AQ Eternity Vase Louise 1
ET005-AQ Eternity Nightburner 1
Black ET001-B Eternity Wine Glass 6
ET002-B Eternity Champagne Flute 6
ET003-B Eternity Toasting Flute 6
ET004-B Eternity Vase Louise 1
ET005-B Eternity Nightburner 1
Erinite ET001-E Eternity Wine Glass 6
ET002-E Eternity Champagne Flute 6
ET003-E Eternity Toasting Flute 6
ET004-E Eternity Vase Louise 1
ET005-E Eternity Nightburner 1
Amethyst ET001-AM Eternity Wine Glass 6
ET002-AM Eternity Champagne Flute 6
ET003-AM Eternity Toasting Flute 6
ET004-AM Eternity Vase Louise 1
ET005-AM Eternity Nightburner 1